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Posted on: January 8, 2011 2:00 am

Rookie Grades

After careful consideration, I've decided to asses all of the legit rookies, grade style. Each rookie starts with 60 points, and they win or lose points depending on their performance, and their importance to their team.


Sam Bradford: 60% completion percentage (+5). More than 15 TD's (+5). More TD's than interceptions (+2). 3000 plus yards (+5). Team in playoff contention (+10). More passing TD's than games started (+5). Overall Outlook: Bradford couldn't lead his team to the playoffs, but he still had a fantastic season, and he put up good numbers. Overall Grade: A-

Jimmy Clausen: 50% completion percentage (+2). 1-5 TD's (+2). More interceptions than TD's (-2). 1000 plus yards (+2). Overall Outlook: Clausen stats were among the worse, which is understandable considering the talent around him, but he still had a crappy season. Overall Grade: D

Tim Tebow: 500 yards or more (+1). More TD's than interceptions (+2). 5 plus rushing TD's (+5). 50% completion percentage (+2). More passing TD's than games started (+5). Overall Outlook: Tebow didn't have a spectacular season, but considering people thought he was going to be a complete disaster, he was all right. Worth consideration. Overall Grade: B


Ryan Matthews: 500 plus rushing yards (+2). 5 plus rushing TD's (+5). More than a 4.0 yards per carry average (+5). Team in playoff contention (+10). Overall Outlook: Matthews got injured a lot but he had a pretty good season and San Diego was in playoff contention all along. Overall Grade: B

Jahvid Best: More than 1000 yards from scrimmage (+5). 5 plus TD’s from scrimmage (+5).  Less than two fumbles (+10). Outlook: Detroit was never in contention, but Best had a good season, being both a rushing threat, and a receiving threat. Overall Grade: B

Wide Receivers

Dez Bryant: 1000 plus all-purpose yards (+2). 2 punt return TD’s (+10). 500 plus receiving yards (+2). 5 plus receiving TD’s (+2). Over 10 yards per punt return (+5). Outlook: This guy could be the next Devin Hester with more receiving skill. Definately a player to look forward too. Overall Grade: B

Dmaryius Thomas: 500 plus all-purpose yards (+1). 2 receiving TD’s (+1). 250 plus receiving yards (+1). Outlook: Probably something to look forward to in the future but was pretty much nothing this year. Overall Grade: D

Mike Williams: 65 receptions (+5). 900 plus receiving yards (+5). 10 plus receiving TD’s (+5). Team in playoff contention (+10). Outlook: Williams was by far the best performing rookie receiver this year. You never know, but we could have the making of a HOF on our hands. Overall Grade: B

Jordan Shipley: 600 plus receiving yards (+3). 3 receiving TD’s (+2). Outlook: Shipley’s rookie year could’ve gone worse. But it also could’ve gone better. This guy will end up being a great receiver over time. Overall Grade: D

Tight Ends (numbers enhanced)

Jordan Shipley: 50 plus receptions (+5). 400 plus receiving yards (+5). 4 receiving TD’s (+5). Outlook: Shipley didn’t do bad for a TE and he established himself as a receiving threat for the future. Overall Grade: C

Rob Gronkowski: 40 plus receptions (+4). 500 plus receiving yards (+5). 10 receiving TD’s (+10). Team in playoffs (+15). Outlook: New England’s TE’s were literally the key in making their passing offense super dangerous, and getting them to the playoffs. Overall Grade: A

Aaron Hernandez: 40 plus receptions (+4). 500 plus receiving yards (+5). 6 receiving TD’s (+6). Team in playoffs (+15). Outlook: Hernandez didn’t put up as many TD’s as Gronkowski but he still had a great season. Overall Grade: A-


Eric Berry: 4 interceptions (+5). Interception returned for a TD (+10). One forced fumble (+1). 70 plus tackles (+5). Team made the playoffs (+15). Outlook: I was high on this guy coming out of the draft, and my point’s been proven by his play. Truly a terrific rookie season. Overall Grade: A

Earl Thomas: 5 interceptions (+5). 60 plus tackles (+5). One forced fumble (+1). Team in the playoffs (+15). Outlook: Thomas is another DB who had a great season. Granted he played in a divsion with bad QB’s, but he did really well. Overall Grade: B

Joe Haden: 1 sack (+1). 6 interceptions (+5). 1 forced fumble (+1). 50 plus tackles (+5). Outlook: Haden definately didn’t have a bad season. This guy should become one of the premier DB’s in the NFL. Overall Grade: C

Ndamakong Suh: 10 sacks (+10). One interception (+1). One forced fumble (+1). Fumble recovery for TD (+10). 40 plus tackles (+5). Outlook: Suh was a beast on the line, and he kept the Lions close in games. Overall Grade: B

Posted on: March 22, 2010 1:26 am

NFL Draft Thoughts

With the draft coming up in a month, this is the time for me to answer some questions and thoughts about the draft.  The Tim Tebow situation, who do the Rams pick, and more.  So just sit back (grab a beer) and hopefully enjoy the show (no refunds!).

The Tim Tebow Situation: As most football fans know, Tim Tebow's combine performance was less than stellar.  All of his college seccess and he is finally learning, it means nothing in the NFL.  People have him going in the fourth, fifth round.  Honestly, I don't think we need to be that harsh.  Lots of teams are using the Wildcat at least once every game.  The Wildcat comes from the shotgun, something Tebow excels at.  With the Wildcat era coming, teams need mobility now at the QB position.  Plus, he improved his throwing motion and release.  I see Tebow going in the late second round, early third round.

Story Time: Remember when Kerry Collins was on the Raiders?? Good times back then.  Now the Raiders are playing like barf and have been drafting even worse.  Here is a timeline of the Raiders draft picks. 2007: Not much explaining here, just the fact they drafted Russell, arguably the biggest joke in the NFL. 2008: They go for a running back this year.  Who do they pick??? Darren McFadden, who has so far only proved himself as a 3.0 yards per carry rusher who gets injured a lot. 2009: Another attempt at improving the offense, they pick Darius Hey-ward Bey, mostly known for his speed.  Around 10 catches and he played all 16 games.  That is just sad. Storytime over.

Teams that could make a playoff run without a good draft


  1. New England
  2. New Orleans
  3. Indianapolis
  4. Dallas
Teams that need a good draft to make a playoff run



  1. Green Bay
  2. San Diego
  3. New York Jets
  4. New York Giants
  5. Phillidelphea 
  6. Arizona
  7. Denver
Teams that if the draft goes bad, they could be in the cellar.



  1. Kansas City (right now I have Oakland in the cellar)
  2. Chicago
  3. San Fran
  4. Miami
  5. Jaguars
Teams that will be in the cellar, no matter how the draft goes



  1. Cleveland
  2. Washington
The Final Word: Who will St. Louis go with in the draft? St. Louis has the top pick this draft, so what will they do.  Lots of people think they will go for a QB, but others think they will try to improve their defense.  Still, even other people think they will go with a offensive lineman, or a receiver.  The final word today is, who do you think St. Louis will draft?


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