Posted on: January 10, 2011 1:17 am

Couple Things I Noticed This NFL Week...

1. You can bash Don Capers all you want, and he did make some questionable calls over the course of the game, but holding the Eagles to 16 points is nothing short of spectacular. A lot of people (myself included) thought that for the Packers to win, this was going to have to be a shootout, but that's not what happened. Our defense contained arguably the best passing game in the NFC, and one of the better rushers in the NFC. Granted, there were injuries to Jackson and Vick, and Akers missed two field goals, but the point is, our defense made a statement tonight.

2. Matt Hasselbeck has been the ultimate Saints killer this season. A great game in the regular season and a awsome game in the postseason, helps the Seahawks to an upset (and cost a lot of people money). The thing is, Matt Hasselbeck has finally found something he can enjoy over the last 4 years. Statistically demolishing the Saints.

3. I think we have our future RB in James Starks. I know it was only one game, but watching this guy run is like looking at your lawn right after you've mowed it. It's satisfying. This guy hits holes hard, when there isn't a hole, he creates one, and when he gets tackled, he almost always falls forward. I really don't think Jackson is the answer. Starks as the regular runningback with Kuhn as the fullback. Maybe trade Grant for something, or Jackson.

4. Injuries have limited the Jets from achieving the spectacular defense they had last year, but they came up clutch in the playoffs against Peyton Manning. BTW, another loss for Manning in the playoffs. I know there have been injuries, but it's gotta be dissapointing to not get past the wild-card round when most seasons, you don't even play a game that week.

Posted on: February 25, 2010 11:21 am

One Time Fluke?

In August when preseason started, I didn't know what to expect from the Saints.  Ever since Katrina, they haven't really had it.  a record of 10-6 one year, and a 8-8 record the last two years does not say much.  I was ready for another year of looking at the "Aints" play.

Lucky for me, that was not the case.  The Saints went in fighting and didn't stop.  Drew Brees posted a record completion percentage, and Pierre Thomas showed off a little of what he did last year.  Reggie Bush was a special teams monster as well.

But that was just for the offense.  In the past years, the Saints have been known for their powerhouse offense, with much less defensive power.  This year looked a lot different.  Thanks to awesome play from Darren Sharper, and Jonathon Vilma, the Saints were among the lead leaders in turnovers. They ended up posting a 13-0 through the first 14 weeks.  Despite some so-so play at the end of the season, the Saints have already put themselves in playoff position.  Thanks to some key plays in the divisional and championship rounds (how about the interception to force overtime?) they made it to the Super Bowl.  But this would be no time to be happy.  Their opponent, the Colts had gone 14-0 through the first 15 weeks, and had just as good of an offense, and defense.  

But the Saints prevailed, holding the Colts to only seventeen points, and making a huge comeback after a 10 point deficit in the first quarter.  Marked off by a key interception by Tracy Porter, the Saints won their first Super Bowl ever.

But was that a fluke?

This could be very convincing as a fluke, considering how the Saints have done over the years.  But it isn't, and here is why.  Drew Brees isn't going anywhere, and Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush are in their prime.  The defense overall is pretty young, and Darren Sharper isn't going anywhere.  The Saints should be in a good postition next year.  Maybe not winning the Super Bowl, but a very good position.

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