Posted on: December 16, 2010 9:27 pm

Lee Going Back To Philly...Is Philly a WS winner?

You would've figured that Cliff Lee was done with traveling, especially when the team he had most recently played for, offered him a 6 year contract for over 135 million dollars. 

But Cliff Lee pulled a LeBron James. Just without the TV special.

Cliff decided to sign with the Phillies a couple days ago, a move that gives him less money, but puts him back with his pitching buddy Roy Halladay.

Lee is used to bouncing around from team-to-team starting with Cleveland, arguably the franchise he did best with. Lee pitched a 18-win season in 05, and he had that amazing 22-win season in 08, holding an ERA less than 2.55!

But unlike in basketball, where LeBron James was the only star player and the Cavaliers still won 60 plus games, Lee himself isn't going to get Philly to another championship.

Luckily, he isn't all by himself. And in a big way.

Lee will join a rotation that features one of the best inning-crunchers in the game, Roy Halladay. He will also be joined by Roy Owswalt, who is coming off one of his best seasons since 05.  The three of them combine for 17 all-star games, and 3 Cy Young awards.

My question is: Does this get the Phillies to the World Series, and if so, do they win.

My prediction is that they will win the series. Last year was the pitchers revenge. If this year is like last year, then a good pitching rotation will be essential. The Phillies will have one of the best rotations of the young century, so long that no one gets hurt. Also, the Phillies have 2 MVP players on their team, and a strong fielding core.

As to who will play them on the AL side...well you can never count out the Yanks, but if there's a year where the Yankees don't play up to there usual standards (90 wins minimum) it's probably this year.

The Yankees batting lineup is aging, and even though their farm system is getting better, it isn't going to help them this year. Not getting Cliff Lee might actually hurt the Yanks more than it helps the Phillies, because now after Sabathia, there's no depth.

I think the Yankees will be in the wild-card hunt, but my AL representative in the World Series this year, is going to be the Boston Red Sox. They have the pitching depth, and some really good young players like Dustin Pedroia and Carl Crawford. I think the Red Sox make it to WS, but they lose to the Phillies who will have their 2 WS title in 4 years.

I want your opinion. Who will win the World Series. Who will be a standout player. How come I can't get my dog to hula hoop?

Thank you, and good night!

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