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Posted on: January 10, 2011 1:17 am

Couple Things I Noticed This NFL Week...

1. You can bash Don Capers all you want, and he did make some questionable calls over the course of the game, but holding the Eagles to 16 points is nothing short of spectacular. A lot of people (myself included) thought that for the Packers to win, this was going to have to be a shootout, but that's not what happened. Our defense contained arguably the best passing game in the NFC, and one of the better rushers in the NFC. Granted, there were injuries to Jackson and Vick, and Akers missed two field goals, but the point is, our defense made a statement tonight.

2. Matt Hasselbeck has been the ultimate Saints killer this season. A great game in the regular season and a awsome game in the postseason, helps the Seahawks to an upset (and cost a lot of people money). The thing is, Matt Hasselbeck has finally found something he can enjoy over the last 4 years. Statistically demolishing the Saints.

3. I think we have our future RB in James Starks. I know it was only one game, but watching this guy run is like looking at your lawn right after you've mowed it. It's satisfying. This guy hits holes hard, when there isn't a hole, he creates one, and when he gets tackled, he almost always falls forward. I really don't think Jackson is the answer. Starks as the regular runningback with Kuhn as the fullback. Maybe trade Grant for something, or Jackson.

4. Injuries have limited the Jets from achieving the spectacular defense they had last year, but they came up clutch in the playoffs against Peyton Manning. BTW, another loss for Manning in the playoffs. I know there have been injuries, but it's gotta be dissapointing to not get past the wild-card round when most seasons, you don't even play a game that week.

Posted on: April 8, 2010 2:51 am

What Seems More Important: Super Bowls Or Stats?

Another debate in this blog, basically getting people's opinion on wether they would like a QB with monster stats, and no Super Bowls or a QB with 2-3 Super Bowls, and average stats. Flacco led the Ravens to the championship game in his rookie season, but didn't have as good of stats as Matt Ryan, the other rookie, but Ryan only lead the Falcons to the divsionals. Me myself, I would go for stats because with really good stats, I think the playoffs and the Super Bowls will come, as long as you don't choke in the Super Bowl (see Peyton Manning lol).

What are your thoughts on what I am about to present to you. It could be the next way to determine QB efficiency! You see, it combines the QB's win percentage in the playoffs, along with completion percentage, and TD minus INT's. It will determine who has the most leadership and who can throw the ball the best at the same time. These are some predictions I have for QB's next year.

Aaron Rodgers: 64 completion percentage, 35 TD's, 10 INT's, and 666 win percentage in the playoffs. His overall rating would be 755 which is really good.

Peyton Manning: 62 completion percentage, 28 TD's, 12 INT's, 500 in the playoffs. His overall rating would be 578 which is not bad, but not what we are use to seeing from Manning.

Remember, those are just predictions for next year. So if you have any comments on what kind of QB you would like, or the rating system, feel free to post!

Posted on: February 21, 2010 6:48 pm

Manning Shouldn't be Yelled at... Yet

It's the Super Bowl.  Peyton Manning and the Colts have just taken the lead.  The Saints get it back, and score.  Peyton Manning drives down to the Saints 30 yard line.  I am biting my fingernails wondering if the Saints will maintain their lead.  Then, something happens that makes me cheer for the Saints.  Can you guess what happened?
If you guessed Peyton Manning threw a pick-six, you are dead-on!  I was screaming and shouting as Porter did a little dance on his way to the endzone. The Saints went on to win the Super Bowl, their first ever.
After the Super Bowl, I log on to this site, and the very first posts I see are... can you guess?  Peyton should retire!  Peyton is overrated.  Peyton's legacy is gone.  For some people (especially Colts fans), feel strongly about how Manning has choked.  Even if he has choked, his legacy remains intact with the best of them.  Must I remind how many times Brett blew it for the Packers (and Vikings)? 
Point is, just because of yet another playoff folly, doesn't mean he isn't one of the best QB's in the game.  When Brett chokes, he is still considered great.  If Manning plays for 6 more years, he will surpass Favre's records... in five less years than he was able to do it.  Also, he may have one of the best regular season records of any QB.
In conclusion, is Manning a choker in the playoffs?  Of course.  But he has the stuff to have his own legacy and be in the HOF.  Until next time, this is Football Talk, signing out.  Have a great day football fans!
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Posted on: February 19, 2010 9:47 pm
Edited on: March 15, 2010 12:56 am

Fantasy Rankings

Sorry when I put critical arguments, not rankings.  I meant to put rankings with some critical arguments (see my last post).  Anyway, going into the NFL for next year, people got to know their fantasy stuff.  Here it is, PackersRule's first ever, fantasy rankings.


Aaron Rodgers:  Rodgers, in standard scoring leagues, was the biggest fantasy producer for any position.  Now he has an improved line (assuming the draft goes right).  Expect Rodgers to do a repeat performance next year.  He is a clear cut number one option worth taking in late round one, early round two.

Tom Brady: Brady landed as one of the top fantasy producers last year, and that was when he was coming off knee surgery!  Next year, he should have everything on his side (assuming Wes Welker stays healthy).  He is a clear cut number one option worth taking in round 2.

Drew Brees: This year's completion percentage leader will go into next year not only having Colston, but Henderson, and Meachem entering their prime! Brees is worth taking in round two sometime as a number one option.

Peyton Manning: I would put Manning higher, but he is starting to age past his prime, and had 17 interceptions this year.  Nonetheless, he is a number one option worth taking in middle round 2, to early round three, depending on what league you are in.

Phillip Rivers: No matter how much Rivers does, he still doesn't get recognized as one of the best QB's in this league.  He has reliable targets in Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates, and Malcom Floyd is maturing.  Rivers is a middle to low end number one option, worth taking in late round two, to middle round three, depending on what league you are in.


Chris Johnson: Chris Johnson had a great season this year, shattering the total yards record, and rushing for over 2,000 yards.  Here is the catch though. I think he can do even better!  Next year, he will have Vince Young for a whole season, and his best numbers came when Young went under center. Johnson should be taken in round 1, maybe even the first pick, as and easy number one option.

Ray Rice: Rice now has the starting job for a whole season so expect only great things from him.  He has passed Peterson in my opinion.  Rice is worth taking in middle round one as a number one option.

Jamaal Charles: Yep.  My sleeper pick for 2010-2011 season.  Charles looked great in all but one game last year, and offensive mind-master Charlie Weis has been brought in at offensive coordinater.  Expect great things from Charles as a number one option, worth taking in middle round one.

Maurice Jones-Drew: MJD can do it all.  It is obvious Garrard can't throw consistently which lead them to rely on their run game.  MJD showed he can take the load as the starting back, and he should be taken in middle of round one, as a middle-end number one option.

Adrian Peterson: The fumbles put Peterson way behind.  Despite the fact he runs for lots and lots of TD's, he hasn't had a one-hundred yard game in so long.  Also, the fumbles make me nervous about trusting him as any more than a low-end number one option worth taking in late round one.


Andre Johnson: Johnson produced really well when Daniels was out, and even with Daniels in, he is still dangerous.  Also Matt Schaub is coming along as a great QB (how is Pro Bowl MVP for ya?).  With that said, Johnson should be taken as a number one option in round 1.

Wes Welker: Randy Moss is past his prime, and Welker was just coming on before the knee injury.  Even though, he still put up great numbers.  He is a number one option, that should be taken in late round one, early round two.

Randy Moss: As I mentioned, he may be past his prime, but he is far from done.  And with Brady back, better than ever, Moss should continue to put up great numbers.  He is a number 1 option, worth taking in round 2.

Reggie Wayne: It is clear that while Garcon and Collie came on as good receivers, Wayne is the number one guy over there.  He is worth taking as a middle to low-end number one option, in round 2, or early round three.

Larry Fitzgerald: With Warner gone, his value takes a hit, but not by much.  Leinart is capable, and he is still one of the best in the buisiness.  He should be taken in round 2, early round three as a middle to low-end number one option.


Vernon Davis: As Alex Smith continues to develop, so should Davis.  He was the top scoring tight end this year, and it is clear Smith likes throwing to him.  Davis should be taken as a number one tight end, in the middle rounds of the draft.

Brent Celek: Celek came on well last year, and if Kolb starts, he does like throwing to Brent.  He should be taken as a number one option, in the middle rounds somewhere.

Jermichal Finley: Here we go.  My sleeper pick.  Finley performed well late last year, and as long as he stays healthy, he should be considered a number one option that goes in the middle rounds.

Antonio Gates: Error here.  I meant for him to go in front of Finley, but yeah enough said about this guy, he is elite, and things should be good over there.  Take him as a number one option, in the middle rounds.

Dustin Keller: Mark Sanchez should continue to improve, which means more production for Keller.  He is the number one guy over there, who should be taken as a middle-low end number one option, worth taking in the middle to late rounds.  It depends on the league.

Last Note: This is just the top five at each position.  This is not to be plagerized for any reason.  If I find this blog entry has been copied, I will have that person off this site and how!  Goodbye!

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