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Posted on: March 7, 2010 11:55 am

Is Durant A Sleeper In The MVP Race?

When people think of MVP this year, and for the past years, the first thing that has come to mind is, ooh the Wade, James, and Bryant showdown is something to watch this year!

Now that is always a good race to watch, but we shouldn't always focus on those candidates.  Because this year, there is someone else who is stealing the spotlight.  Name?  Kevin Durant.

Durant, along with Greg Odem were the two top prospects in the 2007 draft.  Durant going to the Supersonics, and Odem going next to him, in Portland with the Trail Blazers.  Only one of their rookie years was a success.  Can you guess?  It was Durant who lead rookies in scoring that year, while Odem sat on the bench due to an injury for the entire season.

After that year, Durant knew he still had lots of work to do, like turning the ball over less, and playing better defense.  Not only were those things fixed in the offseason, but the things he were already good at got better, like scoring and rebounds.  Durant set a team record for games in a row with twenty points.  He is reliable for 10 rebounds a game.  And believe it or not, he is shooting better than Dwayne Wade.

So Wade, James, and Bryant may be the big name candidates, but in my mind, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant have just as good, if not better a chance to win the MVP.

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