Posted on: March 16, 2010 11:14 pm

Shoeless Joe A HOF?

With my value rating right now, I am trying to earn some extra points by extending my intros.  So sorry if you get bored with the first paragraph.  I know I said my next blog entry was supposed to come out on Wednesday, but I just couldn't wait.  I have the patience of... well a non-patient person. Anyway, lets get on with the entry, shall we?  

Every respectable sports fan knows about the 1919 Black Sox scandal.  The White Sox that year were very good, but they had a horrible payroll.  As a result, players wanted to earn more money.  Gamblers took advantage of this, paying them money to blow the world series so that the gamblers could get money.  After the scandal, despite the fact the judge had not aquitted them of any crime (the evidence that they had, was missing) MLB's commissioner at the time, banned all 8 players from baseball.  But did all eight players deserved to be banned?  Shoeless Joe Jackson was illiterate, and him and Weaver's families were threatened.  Also, unlike anyone else in the scandal, Weaver did not take any money.  Shoeless Jackson put up the best hitting stats of any player on any team throughout the series.  But as one can point out, there were some games, were the Black Sox weren't getting the money the gamblers promised.  They played hard, until there families were threatened again.  Shoeless Joe played better in the games were they tried were as the games the didn't try.  Also, observers at the time said Jackson seemed slower when fielding balls in left field.

I guess my true question is, are Weaver and Shoeless Joe Jackson at fault for the scandal.  MLB has declined to put Jackson in the hall of fame, and well Weaver probably wasn't HOF material, are they at fault?

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