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Posted on: December 25, 2010 9:16 pm

Dear University of Hawaii Football Team...

Dear University of Hawaii Football team,

I don't want to take away from it being the holidays, because this should be a time of joy, and a time of fun. However, your performance last night in the Hawaii bowl was anything but joyful to watch, or fun to watch. For god sakes, it's your home field. The field where you upset Navada. The field where you beat Idaho by 35 points. If that was your best game at Aloha Stadium, then I shiver to see what the final outcome would be if we played at Tulsa, or even a nuetral site. I hope all of you, from Moniz to the sixth string WR realize how bad you played.

  1. The crappy punt. I notice you made up for that with two punts of 50 plus yards, but seriously, and 8-yard punt. Maybe that kind of thing happens in Pop Warner, but this is college football, and that was embarassing!
  2. Interceptions, interceptions, interceptions. I cannot believe it. There is absolutely no way that should've happened. We're talking about the number 1 passing offense in the country, against literally, the second-to-worst pass defense in the nation. And the super fantastic result is....six picks? Including two returned for TD's? That is unnaceptable for a team like Hawaii
  3. A combination of things. On one of the pick-sixes, the Hawaii offensive line just stood around not even attempting to tackle the guy. Finally, on the punt return where Kealoha Pilares got hurt, I was scratching my head wondering why Pilares didn't call for a fair catch, or just let the ball go. Those type of avoidable injuries cannot happen.
Im sure most of you on the team realize this, but this year's Hawaii Bowl probably means more than any other Hawaii Bowl for Hawaii in a while. We had a national ranking. That Hawaii Bowl wasn't just for fun you know. That was our chance to prove what the WAC, and Hawaii is about. By losing that game, getting blown out I should say, you've made Boise State look smart, and you've fed the posters that despise the WAC because of schedule. The WAC is slowing becoming done, thanks to that. I hope you realize that.



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