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Posted on: April 26, 2010 1:05 pm

The Madden Curse: Drew Brees The Next Victim?

Just recently they announced Super Bowl MVP and new record-holder for completion percentage QB Drew Brees, will be on the Madden 11 cover. Let's look at some other atheletes and how they did. 2000 cover: Eddie George: After being put on the Madden cover, George didn't average more than 3.4 yards a carry for the rest of his career. Daunte Culpepper: After being put on the Madden Cover, Culpepper threw 13 TD's and 14 INT's the following year. Michael Vick: A week after the Madden game was released with him on the cover, Vick broke his leg in a preseason game. Shaun Alexander: Had a great year, and after he was put on the Madden cover, he was just downhill in stats from there. Brett Favre: Had a great year in 07 which caused him to be put on the Madden cover. Then he had all that offseason drama, and next year, with the Jets, threw equal TD's to INT's (I think it was 20 TD's/21 INT's, something like that). And Finally, most recently, Troy Polamalu was put on the cover along with Larry Fitzgerald. While Larry didn't get cursed, or at least not yet, Polamalu missed a bunch of games last year, and it caused the Steelers not to make the playoffs. Drew Brees, ever since being traded to the Saints, has had a great career. 10-6 the first year, and then a pair of 8-8 seasons, until the Saints stepped it up last year. So will that all go down the drain? Will Brees get the Madden curse? Or will he be the first to break it?
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