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Posted on: December 30, 2010 10:13 pm

Refs Make Bogus Call.... Isn't This College FB?

As someone who didn't even watch the game until now, and someone who isn't a fan of either team, I must say that was crappy.

In the final minutes of the game, K-state scored. When the player got into the end-zone, he did a salute to the stands. Just a little salute right? He's not showing anyone up, he's just happy that he scored, and gave his team a chance to win right? right?

Apparently not to the referee.

Immediatly after the salute, the ref flagged him for unsportsmanlike conduct. There is nothing unsportsmanlike about a salute. If you call a military salute unsportsmanlike, you might as well call the military unsportsmanlike.

What made it even worse is what the ref said to the kid as he threw the flag. "Bad choice kid". Bad choice?! So doing what many other college players do after they score is a bad choice? Bad choice my foot. Besides, instead of being the bossy "hero", maybe the ref could've left that up to the coach to talk to his player about the salute.

What I really don't get is, if pro players, who play for a living, and are trying harder than anyone else, can spike the ball, and do all this crazy stuff and get away with it, why can't college players? They deserve to have a little fun.

But apparently now, the game has to be as serious as a adventure, drama movie. No fun zone. Yes these students should be learning good lessons, but when you make a bogus call like that, it makes me wonder.

Is any college player in it for the fun of the game anymore? And more importantly, is any of the refs.

Because there should've never been a call like that.


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